The Adventures of Ball Wonder!

Ball Wonder is the story of an average guy named Calvin Taunton. He’s not fit, he’s not well endowed and he’s certainly no Brad Pitt - he’s just a normal fellow with all the usual anxiety about approaching women and getting rejected. Then one day, his life was changed forever.

A Doctor discovers Calvin has testicular cancer. The kind that can be treated, but can also kill you fast if you’re not careful. Our quick-thinking Doctor puts Calvin on the operating table and saves his life by removing the cancerous testicle, leaving Calvin with just One Ball. He then undergoes 3 months of radiation treatment. But then, something strange happens. Is it science gone awry? A Miracle? Or just life thowing Calvin another curveball?

The radiation “changed him” from mild mannered every man to Ball Wonder! His “super-power”?: hot young women are magnetically drawn to him by some unseen force. In simple terms... radiation somehow made him a pussy magnet. Now his one ball is in over-drive, banging all the pussy he meets.

There’s always truth in a fable. Calvin’s real life alter ego, pornographer and creative pro, didn’t just write this story... he lived it. Ball Wonder co-creator and character is a testicular cancer survivor who turned pornographer after a close call with the grim reaper. One day, he looked in the mirror and realized every day was a gift. After that, he let nothing stand in his way of creating his dream business - a porn production company. That company is called Test1 Productions, as in... Test1, 1 Testicle. Magic!

Enjoy the adventures of Ball Wonder, and support cancer research. 5% of all member fees from this site goes to cancer research.

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